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Raising Muslim Kids

It is no doubt that all the parents are very conscious about the education of their kids. They choose best educational institutions for this purpose. Pay heavy fees and work hard to fulfill the demands of these institutions. Hire expensive home tutors or choose some academy for the extra coaching of their child. Motivate their child to work hard and get good result in the examination. All of their efforts are to make their child safe from the inferiority complex. They want to see him successful in life.  But…

Are we missing something? We think that all these things are necessary to make a child successful. Is there anything that is most important with all that but we don’t focus on it. Without it we can make our child a successful earner or successful businessman but we can’t make him a successful human being. Even he cannot become a good off-spring. So, we must think about it whether we are covering all aspects to educate our child or missing something. Have you taught him the difference of right and wrong? Have you taught him to respect elders? Have you created the feelings of humanity, love, devotion and to serve others? Have you taught them Qur’an as it is necessary for being a Muslim? Are they punctual in their prayers?

We usually think that these things are not as important as the education that our child is taking from his school. But let me say that these things are more important. When we are raising our kids as a Muslim, it is necessary to teach them about all the Islamic teachings and moral values. Unfortunately, our schools are not educating our children about Islamic teachings. They are just making our kids literate and teaching them the syllabus of the relevant subject. We have to teach them about Islamic and moral values by our self and it is our duty as a parent.

We don’t teach our children that to serve their sick mom is more important than the tomorrow test at school. We don’t teach them that their study and education will not be affected if they give time to their rituals. As a result, we raise highly educated but ill-mannered and unsensitive people for society. They can earn a lot but they have no courage to spend this money for the welfare of others. They can be successful businessman but they fail to become a good spouse and build a happy family. So, the education is important but more important is to teach your children about Islamic moral values to make them a good, beneficial and successful human being.


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