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The poor little girl with a scorpion in shoes

One of my friend told me about a little school girl of 1st Grade. She screamed with pain in the class room pointing her leg. Her teacher removed her shoes and shacked it down to see if there is a dust. But there was not dust. There was a scorpion, yes an alive scorpion in her shoes. She is hospitalized now and under treatment.

I felt that Islam guides us for little things to do in our daily life that is actually to keep us safe from any trouble. But we are facing troubles because we have forgot these guidelines. It is Sunnah to shack shoes before wearing it. If the mother of that poor girl shake her shoes and follow this Sunnah, she didn’t face such pain and trouble.

So, I decided to write some Sunnahs of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH which we should follow on daily basis:

  1. Always wash hands before eating.
  2. Sit to eat.
  3. Sit to drink. Never drink water while standing.
  4. Never drink water in darkness. See the water in light and then drink it.
  5. Always drink water in three sips.
  6. Always shack your shoes before wearing.
  7. Always shack your cloth before wearing.
  8. Always shake your bed sheets before sleeping.
  9. Don’t travel alone.
  10. Smile while meeting others.

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