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A Feel of Blessing During Ramadan

As the Holy Month of Ramadan starts, it seems to have blessings in life. Our day night routines, Our eating routines and specially our ritual routines become more systematic. We like to give time to our rituals rather than any useless task. Life looks happy and peaceful. Every body wants to strive for more and more virtues. People become generous and kind with each other. Ramadan is a beautiful gift from Allah Almighty for us. It is an opportunity for us to make ourselves a better human being. The world has become so materialistic that we lost in earning and spending money and that’s all. But the beautiful days of Ramadan remind us that we have much more other to do in our lives. It reminds us the purpose of our lives. It reminds us our Lord our Creator. He calls us towards Him five times a day. Its upon us whether we respond or not. But Ramadan encourage us to respond to our Lord. As we will not stay in this world forever. We have to return to our Creator and there we’ll be answerable for all of our deeds. How we can answer for such a life we are spending. So…

Turn To Allah Before You Return To Allah


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