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7 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many health benefits. If you do not have any yoga practice before, you can start it very easily. Just watch given below yuga poses on youtube and practice them. Turn on the yoga videos on your mobile phone or laptop, put it in front of you and follow the postures. Some of the Yoga benefits are as under:

  1. Yoga Improves mental capability:

Yoga helps to improve mental health and thinking power. During yoga, we focus on inhale and exhale. Butterfly Pose & Extended Triangle Pose are very useful to improve mental capability. These are very simple postures and beginners can also try it very easily.

2. Yoga manages heart strength

Yoga improves the functioning of heart muscles and helps them to work better. If you feel fast heart beat or shorten of breath, you should try Downward Dog Pose. It will help your cardiac muscles to work in a better way.

3. Yoga strengthen the muscles

It is a very good practice to try Forearm Plank & Low Side Plank if you want to make your muscles strong. Many other yoga postures also help for the muscular strength.

4. Yoga helps to in stress management

Stress and anxiety generally make our life dull and useless. But fortunately we can manage it with the help of yoga. Savasana Pose is very helpful and highly recommended to overcome the stress.  

5. Yoga helps to sleep better

A good sleep is very important for a good health. Minimum eight hours of sleep is necessary for an adult person. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose (Balasana) helps to provide a sense of calm and convenience in this regard. We must try it for a better sleep.

6. Yoga increases flexibility in body and mind

Anger is very harmful for health and causes high blood pressure. Flexibility in body and mind is necessary to control the anger. The more you have flexibility in your mind and body, the more you will have power to control your anger. Must try Head to Knee (Janu Sirsasana) pose for flexibility.

7. Yoga can give relief in back pain

Back pain is very common among most of us (especially women). We can get rid of it by trying Supine Twist pose and Cat-Cow Pose.


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