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Canned, Processed and Frozen Foods in Market – How they affect our health

Normally we process our food at home by drying, freezing, cooking and frying. But in this article we are going to discuss the processed food available in markets. They might be in the form of canned foods, frozen items, fast foods, packed juices, cold drinks or junk foods. Whenever we purchase a food item, we should see its ingredients list, more ingredients means more processed and so more harmful for health. Especially if you do not recognize the ingredients mentioned on packing, don’t go to that item, as it will be more harmful for your health. We can observe that there are only few ingredients mentioned on the packing of organic foods.

The highly processed foods are rich of sugar and salt and have preservatives to keep it fresh for long time. Moreover many healthy ingredients have been removed from theses processed foods. The reason is same to keep them fresh for long. So these foods (commonly) have a very low amount of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and high amount of salt and fat than the other nutritious foods.  

As you can observe that the fresh fruits, veges or the nutritious and organic food does not remain eatable after few days but the canned and packed food of market remain fresh and eatable for a long time. The ingredients that kill the germs and don’t allow them to grow up in food can also harmful for our health.

We give you an example; when we spray an insect killer substance at home we try to keep us and our children away from it and use mask, so it cannot harm us. But we happily eat a food in which germ killer (preservatives) has been used. Many diseases that our people are suffering from, today, are due to eating these unhealthy processed foods. Here we are going to share a list of these foods that reduce the years of our life and slowly kill our health.

  • Soft Drinks, energy drinks, sugary shakes, packed fruit punch
  • Cold drinks and protein shacks
  • Packed or canned breakfast cereals, sweetened oatmeal
  • Packed salted snacks i.e. chips
  • Packed sweetened snacks i.e. cookies and candies and cakes
  • Packed breads and buns
  • Packed fast food such as pizza, burger
  • Packed Frozen meals, frozen meat
  • Sweet yogurt, margarine, processed ketchups and spreads, sweetened cheese

This is the list of common things that we use in routine life. The list of harmful market foods are far long than this one. So, we should try to avoid all these packed and processed food items and eat healthy nutritious home-made and fresh food to keep ourselves healthy and away from diseases.


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