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20 healthy activities at home for four years kids

A 4 year old child is at the age of early childhood development and is typically very active and curious. It is important to encourage healthy habits and activities in order to support their physical and mental development.

Drawing and coloring

Doing a simple yoga routine

Building with blocks or other construction toys

Planting seeds or tending to a small garden

Creating a homemade obstacle course

Pretend play with dolls or action figures

Reading books together


Creating art projects using recycled materials

Baking or cooking simple recipes together

Playing with water and sand in a sensory bin

Doing a simple science experiment

Playing with a ball or other sports equipment

Doing a simple craft project

Playing with dolls or stuffed animals

Doing a scavenger hunt around the house

Going on a nature walk and collecting items to study

Doing a simple workout routine or stretching exercises

Playing games such as Follow the Leader, Find your friend, hide and seek


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