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Problems of new parents

In this article, we are going to discuss the common problems faced by the new parents of our society. Normally When a couple is blessed with a baby, it is the happiest time for them. When the parents pick up their little angle in their lap, they forget all their worries. But in our society,Continue reading “Problems of new parents”


Engage your toddler for long time

This is a common issue for every mother, how to engage their toddlers for a long time. Mothers have to do their household chores but the kids want their attention continuously and don’t let them do their work. Mothers give them toys to play with but they soon become fed up with their regular toys.Continue reading “Engage your toddler for long time”

Convert Your Baby from Mother Feed to Bottle Feeder

No one can deny the importance of mother feed as it is the best feed for the baby for the first 6 months. Mother feed is highly advised and almost all mothers accept its importance. But as the time passes and your little one grows up; you feel that now your milk supply is notContinue reading “Convert Your Baby from Mother Feed to Bottle Feeder”

6 months old baby food

As your baby completes its 6 months, it comes with big changes in baby’s and mom’s life. You will observe that your baby has become more active to respond. The 6 months old baby starts responding and makes sounds when you talk to him. You can also observe the following changes in your baby: HeContinue reading “6 months old baby food”

How to manage your baby’s day night sleeping times

It is a common thing among newborns that they have wrong sleep times. They love to sleep during the day and keep waking the whole night. If you are a new parent, this is the most difficult thing for you to manage. I’ve two kids and I still remember my horrible nights at the timeContinue reading “How to manage your baby’s day night sleeping times”

Newborn care

Before reading this article, let’s welcome your cute little one to this new world. It’s a very precious and happy as well as hard time for the parents to take care of their new member. Taking care of a newborn is a very detailed topic but in this article, we are going to share someContinue reading “Newborn care”

How to manage your work and home as a mother

If you are a mother and also a working woman, it’s quite difficult to manage your work and home side by side. Especially if you are a new mother, you will worry about your little angel because it will be hard for him to stay away from you. But as you have to manage thisContinue reading “How to manage your work and home as a mother”