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20 healthy activities at home for four years kids

A 4 year old child is at the age of early childhood development and is typically very active and curious. It is important to encourage healthy habits and activities in order to support their physical and mental development. Drawing and coloring Doing a simple yoga routine Building with blocks or other construction toys Planting seedsContinue reading “20 healthy activities at home for four years kids”


How to Engage kids while working

I’m a working mother with two kids. It is really very difficult to maintain work and home together. But fortunately we are human and have capacity of doing difficult tasks. During working days I’m unable to do any household chores and as a result there is a bulk of to do tasks on weekend. Laundry,Continue reading “How to Engage kids while working”

Engage your toddler for long time

This is a common issue for every mother, how to engage their toddlers for a long time. Mothers have to do their household chores but the kids want their attention continuously and don’t let them do their work. Mothers give them toys to play with but they soon become fed up with their regular toys.Continue reading “Engage your toddler for long time”