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Let kids be kids

In our country usually kids are sent to school in the age of 3.5 or 4 years. It is too early age for little kids to spend 4 to 5 hours daily at their school. Some mothers even send their child to school in the age of 3 years. Once the schooling starts, it continues for 12 to 13 years without any break. Children have to wake up early in the morning and get ready for school. After spending 4 to 5 hours at school, they return home, take lunch and get ready for their extra-coaching. Some kids have to study from home tutors and some have to go to the tuition centers. The children have to study there beside their schools. In the evening, they have to do their home work that they get from school. Then they eat dinner and go to their bed for sleep. And next day wake up for same tough and boring routine. More than 75% of school-going kids of our country have the same daily routine.

This routine makes their minds dull and inactive. They have no time to explore and create new things. They have no time to research, think and evaluate. They have no time to get close to the nature. During the spare time that our kids find after their busy routine, they prefer to use cell phones or YouTube.

Let kids be kids! They need to play to enhance their natural sense of creativity. Don’t make them overburdened. Keep them relaxed and out of tension so that they can think and explore. If they have stress of homework, class test, class exams etc, they can’t think about any new thing. They have to go to school for learning and literacy. But when they come back, there should be no study after school. They should relax, play, eat and enjoy. It is very necessary for their mental and physical growth. Mothers should complete their household chores before their kids return from school. When they return, spend time with them. Give them company while eating and playing. Discuss different things with them and let them make their opinions. Tell them little manners and etiquettes. You must have a positive story to tell your kids before sleeping. Become a kid with your kids. Be their friend so they can share everything with you.

Never give your kids stress to get first position. Never compare them with any other kid. Let them what they are. Explore the potentials of your kids and give them suitable environment for grooming. Every child has a different quality, potential and tendency. So, never disappoint if your kid wants to do something different from others. If there is no harm, let him choose the field of his choice. This approach will make your child more successful in life.


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